Custom Picture Framing in Woodland Hills

Creative Design, Quality Craftsmanship & Superior Service

Framed LA specializes in custom picture framing with a focus on creative design, friendly service, and proper conservation. The purpose of custom framing is to safely display and complement your artwork and to enhance the overall decor of your home. We offer unique and creative picture framing designs to showcase and preserve your memories. Framed LA has over 30 years of experience serving clients, interior designers, artists and businesses. We offer personal one-on-one assistance, incorporating your style and vision into each custom project. We want you to love your project, and that’s why we offer a True Love Guarantee. We take framing seriously and keep high standards of excellence and craftsmanship. It’s all about the details.  Check out some of our framing examples, or design it yourself using our online framing design tool.

Your walls should tell a story…YOUR story. Let Framed LA help you make your home yours by telling your story, in your own style, by custom framing your treasures. Stop by our gallery see the Framed LA difference!

Original Fine Art Framing

A proper frame design for original fine art incorporates a full knowledge of the elements of art and major periods of art history. Attention must be paid not only to the colors of the artwork, but also is details, textures and overall composition. A proper design will enhance the artwork and preserve it for future generations. This requires advanced knowledge in how to archivally frame various kinds of art techniques and materials. The designers at Framed LA have over 30 years of hands-on experience designing and framing for priceless pieces of art. We work with original oil paintings, serigraphs, lithographs, ceramics, vintage ad and movie posters, and much more.

There are many design periods – each with its own style, color and historical elements – that require an appropriate frame. What kind of art are you framing? Graffiti on a trash can lid would look awesome in raw welded steel; a French impressionist oil would look beautiful in 22k gold leaf. With over 3,000 frame mouldings to choose from, we’re positive we have the perfect frame for your original fine art.

Shadowbox Framing & 3D Objects

Got a bulky three-dimensional object that you’d like to display, but have no idea how to do it? Bring your item in to Framed LA and we can create a beautiful display out of just about anything. Our skilled framers can help you choose one of our deep shadowbox frames or design a clear acrylic box for your treasured items; we can build hinged frames, shelves, and display cases. We frame it all and we frame it right – that means we don’t use glue on Grandmother’s priceless wedding veil or on your expensive signed sports jersey. We make sure everything we do is reversible and can be put back to its original state. Gather those seashells from your last beach vacation, your Dad’s military medals. or your child’s baby booties, and we’ll create a lasting memory to be enjoyed every day.

Framed Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are the perfect addition to any decor. Whether it’s for a bathroom counter, over the buffet, or walk-in closet, custom mirrors bring light into dark spaces and reflect the beauty of their surroundings. Unfortunately most mass-produced mirrors are the wrong style and the wrong size for your specific needs. Creating a Custom Mirror with Framed LA ensures that you get the perfect frame that fits your space and matches your decor. We can supply any size mirror, either plain, beveled or antiqued. With over three thousand frame mouldings, we have the perfect frame for your decor. If you’re unsure, we also lend out the corner samples so you can look at them at home. Take a couple of pictures of your space and measure the maximum area for the mirror before you come in. Mirrors are heavy, so we’ll provide the correct hardware to hang them safely. Let us help you reflect your personal style with a Custom Mirror from Framed LA.


What objects do you find memorable or noteworthy? Maybe you love to collect rare coins, or autographed sports jerseys, or musical instruments. We all have one special standout piece in our collection we would love to display and enjoy. Custom Framing your favorite memorabilia ensures that your item is preserved, protected, and displayed in an attractive fashion. Many collectibles are three-dimensional which makes them difficult to throw in just any old frame. Our skilled framers can help you choose one of our deep shadowbox frames or design a clear acrylic box for your treasured items. We frame it all and we frame it right – that means we won’t use glue on your expensive signed guitar. We make sure everything we do is reversible and it can be put back to its original state. Don’t just crumple up your favorite pro-athlete’s jersey under your bed…bring it in to Framed LA to create a stunning and unique presentation.

Framed Televisions

Does your television look like an eyesore on your wall? Now you can have your TV custom framed! Even a 70″ flat screen can be made to look like it belongs in any room with a frame that compliments your decor. We can attach a frame directly to your wall-mounted TV (without harming your expensive electronics, of course). We can also hide your TV behind a framed work of art or mirror that lifts out of the way when you want to watch a movie. Now that’s custom!

Custom Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards don’t have to be boring! Rescue your drab office decor with a creative custom bulletin board from Framed LA. Choose from a Cork or Magnetic surface. We especially love magnetic surfaces because they can be covered with almost anything – fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, you name it! – for the ultimate in personal style. We even made one with a monopoly board cover! Your bulletin board comes with the proper hanging hardware and strong, colorful magnets.

Pickup & Delivery Services

Have a large piece that would tough to bring in? We offer convenient pickup and delivery services. Ask about delivery and/or installation during your next framing consultation or call for more information.


Frame Selection

Our friendly designers will guide you through the frame design process, helping you choose the materials that best enhance your artwork and your decor. We work with you to create a finished product that suits your needs and fits your style. During our free consultation, we’ll discuss framing, matting, and how to best preserve your artwork.

Custom-Made With Care

Each project is custom-made just for you right here at Framed LA – all work is done on-location. We follow proper preservation practices to ensure that your project can be displayed & enjoyed for a lifetime. Our hard-working staff are true craftsmen with years of hands-on framing & design experience, so your treasures are safe with us.

True Love Guarantee

We want you to LOVE your finished frame! If you don’t absolutely love your project design, we will recraft it within the same price range at no additional charge. This includes a 30-day guarantee on your design and a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. We offer such an extraordinary guarantee because we are confident we can meet or beat your expectations.

  • Huge Frame Selection

With over 3,000 frame mouldings to choose from, we’re positive we have the perfect frame for you. Our extraordinary selection of frames has been sourced personally and passionately from around the world. Classic gold leaf from France, Mediterranean design from Spain, cutting edge designs from Italy, saddle leather from Peru, welded steel from Northern California, Arts and Crafts design from New England, Solid Acrylic Frames from Chicago, and many, many more. From welded steel for a warehouse loft, saddle leather for a hacienda, or 22k gold leaf for an Italian villa, check out the impressive selection at Framed LA.

  • Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing preserves the life and value of artwork and valued possessions. We specialize in creating a framing presentation that protects your artwork from dust, dirt, insects, indoor pollution and that errant soccer ball. Although aesthetic considerations are vital to any piece of art, conservation is of utmost importance when dealing with a work of any monetary, historical, or personal value. Framed LA uses only the best quality frames and conservation materials to protect your framed project, from acid-free & 100% cotton rag mats, to UV-filtering & museum glass. To us, family heirlooms are priceless and are treated that way. We make sure everything we do is reversible and can be put back to its original state.

  •  Environmentally Conscious

We run our shop and business to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Many of our mouldings and mats are PEFC and FSC certified. Some mouldings such as our bamboo and compressed sorghum stalk are cutting edge when it comes to the environment. Most of our suppliers are from Europe where environmental standards are extremely high. Locally we recycle all that we can from our shop and office. We even donate our scrap mats to local schools that are able to use them for art projects. Recycle, reuse, repurpose!

  •  On-Site Consultations

Let us come to you! Framed LA offers on-site design consultations. We can save you time and effort by visiting your home or office to learn about your needs, decor, and personal style. Additional charges may apply.

What Can We Frame?

  • Music Memorabilia
  • 3D Shadow Boxes
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Family Portraits
  • Archival Matting
  • Stacked Mouldings
  • Photo Collages
  • Custom Beveled Mirrors
  • Heirlooms
  • Medals & Awards
  • Diplomas & Documents
  • Fillet Enhancement
  • Watercolors & Oil Painting
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Needlework & Embroidery
  • Fabrics & Apparel
  • Fabric Wrapped Mats
  • Wedding Photographs
  • Pencil & Ink Drawings
  • Children’s Art
  • Sports Equipment
  • Dry-Mounting
  • Mat & Glass Replacement
  • Multiple Opening Mats

closed corner frames

closed corner frames

closed corner frames


Closed Corner Custom Frames

Framed LA has a beautiful collection of hand-crafted closed corner frames. Closed corner (or finished corner) frames are finished after joining, resulting in a seamlessly decorated corner. These frames are exquisitely detailed and reflect the ultimate in quality custom framing.  Our closed corner samples are available in hardwood, water gilded / gold leaf, custom-designed acrylic, and more. We’re proud to offer colorful Prisma acrylic frames. These frame designs spill outside the limits of traditional picture framing. Seamless acrylic frames come in 9 different shapes, 46 colors, 2 finishes and 19 patterns. The possibilities are endless – you can create a frame as unique as you are! From colorful patterns for modern galleries, welded steel for a warehouse loft, saddle leather for a hacienda, or 22k gold leaf for an Italian villa, check out the impressive selection of finished corner frames at Framed LA.

prisma acrylic frames

prisma acrylic frames

prisma acrylic frames

conservation glass


Glazing or glass plays an important role in protecting your art. Ultraviolet rays, even indirect light, will fade most images over time and can discolor many objects. Our conservation glass & acrylic glazings filter over 98% of harmful UV rays. Framed LA is proud to offer Museum Glass by Tru Vue for the ultimate in reflection control & clarity.



Matboard acts as a visual design element as well as a protective buffer for your artwork. Matting is a colorful and elegant part of your frame design. All of our mats are acid-free to prevent harming your artwork, and we offer 100% cotton rag mats for museum-quality framing. We have many colors, textures, and materials to choose from – fabrics like linens, suedes, and raw silks, beautiful color tones, and even custom hand-wrapped mats.

readymade photo frames

Readymade Photo Frames

Ready Made Photo frames are pre-assembled frames made in popular sizes up to 16×20″. We make many of our own photo and gift frames and have a huge assortment of unique, one-of-a-kind readymades. Our selection is always changing so stop in to see what’s new.

cutting frames

Cutting Frames

joining frames

Joining Frames

cutting mats

Cutting Mats

mat assembly

Assembling Artwork

cutting glass

Cutting Glass

fitting frames

Fitting Frames