Digital Scanning & Photo Restoration

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Keepsake Photos!

We all have a closet full of family photo albums that no one looks at, or a shoebox stuffed with memories under our bed. Why not turn those old photos into new memories? Now you can easily have all those pictures, slides and film negatives scanned and put on flash drives to hand out to the whole family. For those deteriorating images of Grandma’s wedding, or Grandpa’s torn army portrait, we can bring your fading vintage photographs back to their former glory. Our design team will digitally repair, enhance and enlarge your favorite photos and print them. Turn back the clock on your old family photos so you can enjoy them for a lifetime!

Do you have a faded, torn or stained photo that you would love to ‘make new?’ Bring it in!

digital photo restoration

Photo Consultation

Bring your photos in to our gallery. We can discuss the editing and printing services that we offer and what would work best with your photos.

Digital Scanning

We’ll scan your photos and turn them into digital files. Originals are left as-is and intact. The digital version of your photo can be edited or printed.

Photo Restoration

Your scanned photo will be digitally repaired and restored. We can make simple edits like cropping, or correct extensive damage like fading or tears.


The restored photo can be digitally printed on many materials like photo paper, canvas or metal. We can even help you frame the finished piece!


  • Color Restoration
  • Background Removal
  • Fading
  • Color Shift
  • Lost Detail
  • Physical Damage
  • New Surroundings
  • Removing Mold Spots
  • Repairing Cracks & Tears
  • Eliminating Stains

We can fix old or damaged prints by having them scanned, digitally restored and reprinted. The price of restoration is unique to the individual project. We’ll talk to you about your photos, see exactly what we’ll be working on with you and then provide a quote of what the cost and time frame will be for completion. No charge for estimates.

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital Photo Restoration