Your walls should tell a story. What’s yours?

  • framing kids art
    David's Daughters' Art

    “Some of my best memories with my daughters include coming into Framed LA and letting them create fabulous frames for their own art. All of us would be taking every sample off the wall and would be combining them to make totally new frames. The girls would come home from school with a new piece of art and say, ‘Let’s go to Franks!’ The best selection, the best people, the best result. What more could I ask for?

    — David S. —

  • Hand painted canvas diebenkorn
    Bob's Hand-Painted Diebenkorn

    “So I walked into Framed LA hoping Frank could find me a poster or a large print of a Richard Diebenkorn piece I saw at a San Francisco Museum of Modern Art exhibit. I never thought I could get a hand painted canvas in the original size, but that’s exactly what Frank got me. Then he framed it in the perfect walnut contemporary frame, came out and hung it for me. It’s great to have someone who can take my dream and make it a reality.”

    — Bob H. —