Make Your Home Yours!

At Framed LA, we want to help you tell YOUR story

Frank the Framer at Framed LA

It is only fitting that my first blog would be about freeing yourself from the constraints of others. After a mere 29 years under the Fastframe banner I have decided losing the constraints of a corporate structure would let me be more creative and enjoy more of the fruits of my own labor. I’m excited to introduce Framed LA, a custom picture framing studio that’s all about YOU – your personality, your story, your style.

I have always believed that your walls should tell your story. Not someone else’s story, and not in someone else’s style – make your home YOURS. That’s what we focus on at Framed LA, telling your story in your own way so you can enjoy it every day. This doesn’t mean your walls have to be filled with old family pictures (although those tell a great story!) – your walls should be filled only with images you love. Do they always match…no. But if you love everything on your walls then they will work together. Your kitchen might tell the story of a gathering place or your trip to India. Your bedroom might tell the story of your calm and quite honeymoon to Bora Bora.

Make sure you don’t just fill your walls to fill your walls. Let it evolve and grow and let your walls change with you. No one said the same picture, painting, portrait has to hang on that wall forever. Last time I looked in the mirror that wasn’t the same guy that was there in the mirror twenty or even ten years ago.

Your home should be a refuge of happiness, not a museum of the past. Bring your family stuff, past and present, your vacations, your special moments, and challenge me while I promise to challenge you so that together we can create something new and beautiful for your home. By helping you tell your story, you’re helping me tell mine at Framed LA.

Frank Moldovan

Owner of Framed LA

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